YouTube Alternatives

26 Apr

Whenever we think about creation of online content, the first thing that clicks your mind is YouTube. Over time, YouTube has been a great resource to the point that some people even think there is no other site of its kind. However, this is not entirely the case. Especially with new guidelines that come up every day, people have increasingly sought for alternatives other than YouTube and creates the online content. Well if you have been on this bandwagon than there is news for you. There are alternatives to YouTube and are discussed below.

To begin with, we have alternatives of YouTube at that are not so much different from YouTube in terms of the features and video categories. This therefore means that it would be easy for you to work with them as you are used to with YouTube. However, the downside of these sites is that they will be have a video limit of 4 GB. This would be limiting for people who would want to put up more content. Despite this, you will not be subjected to harsh rules as YouTube does.

The second alternatives that you can consider are the filmmakers sites at These ones specifically target classy filmmakers to put up their work. The advantage of the sites is they have less elements of distraction running in the background as you enjoy your content. Additionally, the quality of the content is unmatched. However, the downside of them is the 500GB per week limit.

Another major alternative to YouTube are the music-dedicated sites. These sites have especially specialized in music videos and have proven to be faster in terms of delivery and this has made them a major alternative that is fast-growing. They are very simple sites to use and their variety and enormous bunk of music videos is extraordinary. YouTube tends to have more diverse content but these ones have better delivery especially if you want an endless source of music. Know more about social media at

Another great alternative that has come up is the gaming site. This site has especially specialized in gaming content. For gaming lovers, this should be your greatest resource because of the variety of life videos for gaming. Gaming is becoming more popular by the day and drawing so many people and this means that the site will grow to be one of the greatest resources as compared to YouTube especially for gaming content. With this realization, it would be wise for any gaming developer and gaming lovers to start considering this and slowly move away from YouTube to this great alternative.

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